Buddy Guy - Blues Singer
Buddy is a music icon and Blues legend. I had the honor to work with him on seven of his albums. On Blues Singer we worked with famed illustrator and musician from The Mekons and The Waco Brothers, Jon Langford. 

Art Director & Designer: Nick Gamma
Illustrator: Jon Langford
American Minor - Self Titled
Working with American Minor was a great honor for me. Not only were they a great rock band, they also hailed from West Virginia, my wife's home state. I designed the entire album package as a board game that told the story of the album. Each space on the game board represents one of the songs.

Art Director & Designer: Nick Gamma
Photographer: Josh Victor Rothstein
American Minor - Buffalo Creek EP
Here is a design that I did for American Minor's initial release, entitled The Buffalo Creek EP. They really had this great early 70's Southern Rock sound. Visually, I really wanted to hark back to their influences. 

Art Director & Designer: Nick Gamma
Photographer: Clay Patrick McBride
Three Days Grace - Self Titled
Working at Jive, I didn't get the chance to work with a lot of rock bands. But when I did, it was great fun. Working with Three Days Grace was no exception. We shot at an abandoned air force base outside of Los Angeles with amazing rock photographer, Chapman Baehler. I also got to work with a great illustrator, 
Jeff Faerber.

Art Director & Designer: Nick Gamma
Photographer: Chapman Baehler
Illustrator: Jeff Faerber
Matthew Sweet - In Reverse
It's one thing to work with a great artist and musician. It's another when you're also a big fan. This was the case when I got to work with Matthew Sweet. Matthew is a big collector of the famous "big-eyed" painter Margret Keane. Here we used her 1963 painting entitled, "Yesterday's Dollhouse" for the cover. I then worked with a set designer to recreate the hill outside and rooms within the dollhouse. We then shot Matthew in those environments. I then designed the package to be backwards and to read right to left or "In Reverse."

Art Director & Designer Nick Gamma
Photographer: Johnny Buzzerio
Set Designer: Elizabeth Moore 
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