A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
For the seminal hip-hop album, A Tribe Called Quest's The Low End Theory, I did all of the hand lettering. This included the album's title, all of the credits on the interior as well as the track listing on the tray. Everything was done at a much larger size and was then reduced down on a stat machine. Old school!

Art Director: Jean Kelly (Zombart JK) 
Hand Lettering & Layout: Nick Gamma (Zombart NG)
Photographer: Joe Grant
A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders
For A Tribe Called Quest's ground breaking release and artwork on Midnight Marauders, I again employed my hand lettering. Here it appears on the cover. 

Art Director: Jean Kelly (Zombart JK)
Hand Lettering: Nick Gamma (Zombart NG)
Photographer: Terrence A Reese - TAR
A Tribe Called Quest - The Love Movement
Given the name of the album, The Love Movement, it's not surprising that the symbols were supposed to be sexual positions from the karma sutra. With this being Quest's final release (at the time), we wanted to create something that was the polar opposite of everything that they had done before. To do that I went extremely minimal and used metallic inks. A notable part of this project was that every photo from the album shoot was shot by fashion photographer Robert Maxwell. He shot everything on 8X10 Polaroid. The images were spectacular.

Art Director & Designer: Nick Gamma
Designer: Ron Croudy
Photographer: Robert Maxwell
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